Welcome to Ellwood Fire District No. 1

The Ellwood Fire District is a political sub-division of the State of New York. It is located in the County of Erie in the Town of Tonawanda. The members of the Ellwood Fire Volunteer Company No.1 are 100% volunteer. The men and equipment of Ellwood protect over 5000 residences and businesses valued at almost $280,000,000 within the District borders. In addition, the Fire Company protects an industrial area along the Niagara River jointly with other fire companies in the Town of Tonawanda and the Village of Kenmore.

Ellwood responds to all alarms of fire and to other emergency incidents where life or property is in jeopardy. Medical emergencies in the areas covered by Ellwood are protected by the Town of Tonawanda Paramedic unit and therefore Ellwood does not respond to these incidents.

Ellwood's response to incidents has been increasing the last few years. Our response totals have been 206 in 2011, 227 in 2012, 238 in 2013, 230 in 2014, 312 in 2015, 338 in 2016, and 332 in 2017.

Our website contains information about the members, equipment, activities and history of Ellwood. Ellwood is a very dynamic organization and therefore some information may become outdated. Contact us if current information is absolutely required.

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